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Pre-Conference Workshops

Pre-Conference workshops can provide participants with an opportunity to extend their knowledge and strengthen their skills in the area addressed by the workshop.


  • Three-hour workshops are scheduled for the afternoon and evening of Wednesday, October 3.
  • Workshop presenters must register for and attend the full conference.
  • Workshop attendees must register for workshops. A fee may be charged to cover workshop materials.
  • Revised submissions are due by April 15, 2012 on the EDAS website.

Final Submissions:
Workshop proposals that have been accepted to the conference should provide the following three items by April 15, 2012 on the EDAS website:

  • A revised proposal that may be up to 800 words. This version will be included in the conference program and will help promote your workshop to conference attendees. Contact information for the workshop organizer should be entered in the spaces provided on the submission web page. The proposal text should provide the following information:
    • Contact information (name, affiliation, phone, and email) for each anticipated facilitator or presenter in the workshop.
    • Goal(s) of the workshop.
    • Description of topics/subjects/content of the workshop (approximately 200-300 words).
    • Workshop agenda (Please give details and approximate time allotted for each activity).
    • Description of the anticipated audience.
  • [Optional] A final description of the workshop that may be up to two pages in the IEEE format. This format is the same used for Work-in-Progress papers. Your workshop final description will be included in the conference proceedings as a non peer-reviewed publication. You are not required to submit a final description.
  • A signed copy of the IEEE copyright form.

For some of the accepted proposals, the program committee reviewers have suggestions on ways to make the workshop more relevant to the theme of the conference. These comments were sent via email directly to the primary proposer; you are encouraged to consider these comments in your revised submission.

Please note that all wprkshop organizers and presenters and are expected to register for and participate in the full conference.