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Submission Instructions


 Final Manuscript Submission: July 1, 2012

Paper Submission

View full submission details for Full Papers, Work in Progress, Panels, Special Sessions, and Pre-Conference Workshops

Submission of Final Paper

The Conference Proceedings will be included in the IEEE Interactive Electronic Library (IEL) as part of IEEE Xplore. All authors who have been accepted must register for the conference and attend the conference to present their paper. Authors who do not attend the conference to present their papers, or arrange for a co-author or knowledgeable colleague to present their paper in the absence of the primary author, will not have their paper published in the IEEE IEL and IEEE Xplore, per latest IEEE policy.

Please carefully follow the Final Submission instructions below:

1. Prepare the final version of the manuscript using the paper templates linked below.

Paper Templates

Author Resource Guide: How to list references

REMEMBER: the final version of a full paper CANNOT EXCEED 6 PAGES and the final version of a WIP CANNOT EXCEED 2 pages. NO EXCEPTION IS ALLOWED. 

2.  Register Online!
At least one author MUST register for your paper to be included in the proceedings by August 28, 2012. Student fees do not ensure publication of a paper - no exceptions. One full registration covers only one (1) paper. If you need to register by bank transfer, please contact Kevin Curry, FIE 2012 Registration Administrator.


3. An electronic version of the final manuscript must be generated for the conference proceedings.From the final manuscript formatted as instructed above, authors must generate the electronic version in PDF format. Regardless of its initial format, the file containing the final version of the paper must be transformed in the PDF format using the IEEE PDF express web tool. PDF files generated by means of other tools are not acceptable.

To generate the IEEE Xplore compatible PDF file of your paper, follow these steps:

Create your IEEE PDF eXpress account by going to: http://www.pdf-express.org and using Conference ID: fie12x
The first time you access the system, please follow the link to New user. Please note that, in order to access the service, you need to allow the use of cookies from the PDF eXpress web site. Once you have registered as a new user:

   3.1. upload the source file (containing your paper) for conversion
   3.2. receive by e-mail the IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF of your paper. Once you’ve received your PDF file, upload it to EDAS

4. Send the electronic version of the final manuscript, complete the presenter's biography form, and submit the copyright form through EDAS by July 1, 2012.

   4.1. Once you receive your Xplore compatible PDF, log in at http://edas.info

   4.2. Upload your paper.
Click the My Papers tab. Click the upload icon (third column from the right) and a dialog box will open that will enable you to select and upload your paper via the web or via FTP.

   4.3. Submit the IEEE Copyright Transfer form

An IEEE copyright form should accompany your final submission. Your paper cannot be published as a part of the FIE Proceedings without the signed copyright form. If you have more than one paper in the conference, you must submit a form for each paper. We strongly advise you to fill out the electronic copyright form via EDAS when you submit your final paper.

Steps to follow to submit the electronic copyright form via EDAS

*If you complete the electronic copyright form via EDAS you do NOT have to send in a copy of the paper form.

  • Log onto EDAS
  • Go to My Papers
  • Click on the copyright symbol next to your paper title
  • Fill out the form and submit

Steps to follow to submit the paper copyright form

  • Download the IEEE copyright form in doc format
  • On the top of the form replace the red text "Put your paper number here" with your paper number.
  • Enter the title of your Full paper, WIP, Panel, Special Session or Workshop in the next section. Replace the red text "Use this space to cut and paste the title of your paper. " with your paper title. The best method is to just copy the title from your paper and paste it onto the copyright form.
  • Enter the list of author names for your Full paper, WIP, Panel, Special Session or Workshop in the next section. Replace the red text "Use this space to list all the authors of the paper. " with the author names. We just need the names not the universities. If you are submitting this form for a Panel, Special Session, or Workshop, enter the names of all the speakers. The best method is to just copy the names from your paper and paste it onto the copyright form.
  • Sign the form. Only one author needs to sign the form. There are three options for where to sign the form. If you are not sure where to sign the form use the first option. This will be correct for 95% of the papers.
  • Submit your signed, scanned copyright form via email to: laurenp@conferencecatalysts.com  OR
  • Submit your signed copyright form via fax to 352-872-5545.



If authors like to post their papers electronically on any web site, any ftp site, or any other electronic dissemination technique, they must include the IEEE Copyright notice on the initial screen displaying the IEEE-copyrighted material.

   4.4. Prepare the presenter's biography form.
Please declare who will be presenting the paper at the conference on EDAS. To do this, click the 'My Papers' tab, click on your paper title, and then click the Change/Add icon in the Presenter row. Indicate who will present the paper and click Choose presenter. Presenters must fill out a short bio (50 word max) on EDAS by going to the ‘My Profile’ tab and filling in the information in the ‘Brief bio’ field. Information in this form will be used by the session chairperson to introduce the presenter.


Contact the FIE 2012 Publications Administrator:
Lauren Pasquarelli
Conference Catalysts, LLC

*When you submit your final paper, please indicate whether or not you would like to be considered to become a faculty fellow:

1. Go to My Papers
2. Click on your paper title
3. Click on the Notes icon below the "paper status" row
4. Enter the text "I would like to be considered to become a faculty fellow", check the Conference chairs box and click Add paper note.