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Presentation Guidelines

We welcome you to the 2012 Frontiers in Education Conference. We hope that you enjoy the collection of paper and panel sessions, special sessions, keynote speakers, and social activities that have been assembled.

One of the unique features of FIE is that there are two different types of paper presentations: full papers and works-in-progress. Full papers focus on sharing completed work while works-in-progress are focused on ongoing work where input from the audience can help advance it. As such, the authors have been asked to use their 18 minutes as follows:

Full Papers

15 minutes for presentation (PPT or PDF format)
3 minutes for questions, answers, and transition to next paper
For Full Papers, authors should be prepared to answer questions from the audience.


10 minutes for presentation (PPT or PDF format)
8 minutes for questions, answers, and transition to next paper
For Works-in-Progress, authors should prepare discussion questions for the audience to answer.

We thank the authors who have contributed papers on their research and activities and the hundreds of reviewers who gave of their time to help us evaluate the contributions. The combined effort is what makes FIE the strong conference that it is.